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Uma Ulafi’s international show in Milan on 3 and 4 May 2024, celebrating the Earth, female talent and Afro-Caribbean haute cuisine

Luxembourg, 30 April 2024 – Ô2Continents, a leading Luxembourg-based provider of diversified cultural catering services, is proud to announce its participation in the Uma Ulafi 2.1 event created by Ô2Continents Executive Chef Victoire Gouloubi in Milan on 3-4 May 2024. This prestigious event, which highlights culinary diversity and sustainable agriculture, provides Ô2Continents with a unique platform to share its passion for Afro-Caribbean haute cuisine and promote the values of inclusion within the gastronomic industry.

Uma Ulafi 2.1 aims to reward the agents of change who are working towards a more inclusive and sustainable gastronomic future. Our founder, Sandrine Lingom, has been chosen to chair the Maisha prize jury. This prize, dedicated to improving working conditions on the African continent, illustrates Ô2Continents’ ongoing commitment to humanitarian and social values.

In accepting this prestigious role, Sandrine Lingom expresses her deep sense of honour and responsibility in rewarding such committed and passionate individuals. She shares the emotion and determination of her fellow jurors to recognise and support the innovative initiatives that are shaping the future of our industry: ‘Together, let’s continue to celebrate the richness of diversity and encourage positive initiatives’.

Chef Victoire Gouloubi, founder of Uma Ulafi and executive chef for Ô2Continents, will be lending her expertise to the event, highlighting the excellence of Afro-Caribbean haute cuisine and underlining the importance of cultural diversity in gastronomy.

We are convinced that Ô2Continents’ participation in Uma Ulafi 2.1 will strengthen our position as a company committed to humanitarian and social values, while helping to promote diversity, inclusion and progress in our field and beyond.

Contact us for more information about our participation in the Uma Ulafi 2.1 event and the Maisha Prize.

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